Slime in the City

by Dragoslove
created Feb 11, 2013
401 views | 693 downloads

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map notes
A truck carrying slime to the lab has crashed in the city! Help us dustperson!

After a hard day's work trying to clean giga, dustman was chilling at home, only to have a lab accident happen right down the block.  Fortunately the spill isn't hard to clean.  You will need to burn a super on nothing if you mean to catch the culprit.  Major props to anyone who ss's this level with the alternate fog on (requires finding and completing the secret area, and getting back to the main level to start your ss run).

Level only tested with Dustman


said Feb 12, 2013
said Feb 12, 2013
Dinner's ready?
said Feb 12, 2013
She does tell you to be back in time for dinner =P
said Feb 12, 2013
Not bad, The route is very confusing, also better use of the camera is required at one point, so not to force the player to drop blindly into a slope boost. Also, I wouldn't exactly tag this level easy.

Other than that it was fun, although in future, please at least attempt to test your levels with all characters.
said Feb 12, 2013
Yeah, I had hit upload before I realized that I hadn't attempted with other characters. I assume that this one plays fine will all of them, but I would guess that journey of faith would be difficult with dustkid.
Probably not Towelie
said Feb 14, 2013
I actually liked it after i figured out what route to take, nice job! Oh and yuecchi is right, the camera should zoom out when you take a blind drop into a slope.
said Feb 14, 2013
yeah, really sruggled with cameras on this map. The entire middle section is a mess.

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