Icy Dream

by Riokaii
created Feb 10, 2013
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map notes
Kinda a long map, worked on from start to finish today. But it had to be long for what i wanted to do. SS runs are about 2:15 (tho a perfect run is closer to 1:45.  Any% is about 30 sec (tho i have gotten 18 seconds in testing)

Have fun!

If you are confused on what to do, i have arrows to hopefully help!


said Feb 10, 2013
Needs more pictures of Jesus.
said Feb 10, 2013
i got an a/b 1:42... pretty sure sub 1:35 is more accurate for SS, lol
said Feb 11, 2013
lol super careful first run got me an SS first try and I beat your estimate by 10 seconds >.> what are these estimates even for? =P
good map though, like the style, even though it seems like it could have done with less dust
said Feb 11, 2013
Lots of dust makes the SS route pretty interesting, since there are cool different positions to super.  On the other hand, it made the any% routes really boring and obvious.
said Feb 12, 2013
Cleaned up my run a little bit to get sub 1:20.  Sub-1:15 is definitely possible, but I suck at ceiling ramps :P.

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