Dustkid Challenge

by Riokaii
created Jan 27, 2013
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map notes
Hey guys, My first map! Worked hard the last 2 days on this. It is intended to be only SS-able with Dustkid, Other characters may or may not be able to do the any% with some creative spike jumps. Have fun!-

Note- It's kinda supposed to be pretty hard <3

Also Big thanks to Takari for helping me test out the first version and helped me tweak it to be even better!
edited Jan 27, 2013


said Jan 27, 2013
props to tropicallo, for being hte first person to finish the map (albeit it was any%) and for doing it with dustworth

Edit: and he SS'd it first too. Very nice tropicallo

What i've seen thus far- Most seem not to know what to do in places (mainly the upper area prism section)  I either need to make an ambiguous route clearer(thru the use of speed, better positioning of walls enemies etc. OR it needs to be contricted into a more linear path.
edited Jan 28, 2013
said Jan 28, 2013
Cool map nice to see some a Dustkid focused map. I had a bit of trouble with the area where you use yours super that last spike on the end kills you if you go through to fast. That second area is pretty cool that you put in your picture. Grats on first SS as well.
said Jan 28, 2013
I thought the upper prism area would be a lot better then it turned out to be, I had trouble figuring out what i wanted to do in that section. If i were to do it over i would change it quite a bit but eh, my first map and i can learn from it

It looks like you actually attempted them how i intended, using the lower slopes to maneuver faster and collect all the dust while hitting the prisms in between.
edited Jan 28, 2013
said Jan 28, 2013
Super Administrator
Cool, pretty tough.  Waiting on Ted or Marksel to SS this with Dustworth.
said Jan 28, 2013
I love this map, still need to finish it though.

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