Take Flight

by TheBadger
created Jan 20, 2013
305 views | 701 downloads

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map notes
This is my very first map. I'm quite pleased with it myself but it is by no means perfect. Please comment if you like it.


said Jan 21, 2013
I really love it! I think it's much fun to play while still being challenging, I like the theme and the music choice as well. EDIT: the small totem in the middle is ANNOYING hahah
edited Jan 21, 2013
said Jan 21, 2013
thanks! yeah i felt like i had to place that totem. we don't want it be too easy do we? :P
And Damn you for beating my time so quickly >:O
said Jan 21, 2013
Super Administrator
Those ramps are really fun!  The beginning is pretty tough but I like it.
said Jan 22, 2013
I really liked this map once I got past the beginning section.  No way am I SSign it though.
said Jan 22, 2013
Is it really that hard? o.O I guess after almost 200 hours of game-play it gets kinda hard to see it from a less praticed perspective

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