The Castle On The Cliff

by yay899
created Jan 16, 2013
385 views | 743 downloads

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map notes
A rather short map that journeys in and around a rather small castle.


said Jan 16, 2013
fun map
said Jan 17, 2013
Nice liked it quite alot, the only part that was really frustating was the 2 sprites just before you jump on top of the castle, I failed that part so many times :D
said Jan 17, 2013
Cool stuff! One thing that annoyed me was that you pretty much have to start all over if you fail something at the left side of the map because there's no checkpoints and you fall down to the beginning, with no way to get up again. It's no huge deal because it's a short map, but hey.
said Jan 17, 2013
Yeah, I wanted to add kill boxes and checkpoints, but it I realized that too late, and without completely redesigning the level, you'd spend the entire time bumping your head on them.

EDIT: Just watched some of the replays and it's interesting to see that you're the only one who used the telescope platform for what it was meant for. If atlas had a good map updating system, and I felt like touching up this level I think I might do something to make that platform a bit easier to use.
edited Jan 17, 2013
said Jan 17, 2013
Super Administrator
Woo, got the any%
said Jan 22, 2013
Random throne in the middle of nowhere!  Now if only I didn't end up back at the beginning every time I messed up...

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