Adventure Redux

by DrPhineas
created Jan 14, 2013
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map notes
So here is my (second) attempt at an adventure map!  It's still a work in progress, as in, I still need to put in a lot of the maps detailing.  I wanted to see what people though of the routes and camera work as its been pretty difficult coming up with a map that is really variable in difficulty.  Also, because all of the routes have to come back to a central area, the camera work has been particularly difficult to get to be smooth.

There are checkpoints in the map, however, unlike last time not all of them are off the route.  They are also marked with text to indicate that you have gotten through a checkpoint and there is a terminal in the same vicinity.

Instead of having the checkpoints break the combo, there are now "bonus" areas where they are particularly difficult to get through.  For instance, the bonus area in the basement requires spike jumping in order to get through.  I don't think that it is possible to get SS anymore.

The idea for this comes from the map Adventure Prototype ( by Submohr (


said Jan 14, 2013
cool the leaderboards work this time.  i think I SS'ed the old one 2 or 3 times lol
said Jan 15, 2013
I think the map is a lot better overall, and I still love the ending - it's clever and well-done. I also liked that most checkpoints forced you to give up your combo, making the safest strategy the worst usually. That said, I kind of miss that you had to go through the areas to gain your super attack, which I thought was a really neat invention - but it's a minor thing. There's also a few issues which can or cannot be helped that can get you stuck at a certain area because you enabled checkpoints after defeating certain enemies and the like, but I guess that's something that comes with the checkpoints in the first place.
said Jan 15, 2013
Yea the City part will be very hard to SS, even without the bonus part you almost lose the combo. The forest bonus part however is really well done I think. Anyway, I liked it much better than the first version :D
said Jan 16, 2013
Very cool I always liked the idea of an Adventure Style map. Its a shame you cant just use the Nexus mechanic and just have doors and keys. I think the main issue is a set path in each area it is kinda difficult to figure out which way you are supposed to go in some areas and there are some minor spacing and placement issues that are tough to deal with. I do like the idea of the bonus areas. All in all good work man can't wait to play it once all the kinks are worked out and its decorated. This must have taken forever to make.
said Jan 25, 2013
Went back and AA'd it.  I like these longer type maps but the city part is a bit annoying.  Really don't like the bonus section - featuring the spikejump mechanic like that is mostly non-interesting; and having to lose your combo there bugs the hell out of me (i may or may not be slightly OCD).  Would also be nice if there was a way where the city bonus section didn't have to skip a ton of the regular level.  The regular part of city is also a pain to keep your combo during one of the jumps where there lacks dust - Thor's replay uses a couple dash jumps which are a bit tricky to pull off.  Other than that, the Forest and Lab sections are really well done; enjoyed both of those a lot.

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