by Andlash
created Jan 10, 2013
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map notes
Just a short map I did cause I was bored


said Jan 10, 2013
Uhh, is this impossible to SS or what? It seems impossible to get to the other side to clear the dust without completing it and I'd rather not spend that much time looking for a way through. Also you need to fix your camera at the first flying gargoyle. It seemed enjoyable until I suddenly completed the level unexpectedly.
said Jan 10, 2013
Some parts of the level I was able to play were fun, but other parts seemed to be a bit clumsy. The camera needs some work, and, of course, you definitely have to solve that problem about finishing the level too early.
said Jan 10, 2013
Got to have a red flag entity connected at the end of the level.  Place it, then hold shift and click on the enemies.  Also, I'd take away a lot of the dust.  you really only need just enough to direct the player and build up for a super.  Too much in awkward places can ruin the flow.

Please finish this level!  I've got to see what's at the end of book mountain!

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