by krackocloud
created Jan 1, 2013
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map notes
A short map.


said Jan 2, 2013
This level is so fun when you are in the right spot, and when you not... man it is frustrating haha Just my kind of level really fun. I'm trying to optimize be back when (if) I'm successful :P
Kaiser Cat
said Jan 2, 2013
I would enjoy this a lot more if the death zone that stops you from skipping the last third of the level wasn't there, or at least was made of spikes so I could see where it was. Still an excellent job.
said Jan 7, 2013
I like how it's kinda grid based, but trying to fall down those 2-wide holes can be a bit frustrating.  Maybe if you had based it on squares of length 3 it would've flowed better.  Otherwise a nice level!
said Jan 7, 2013
Thanks. I was actually intentionally going for 2-by-2 because it's frustrating :Y Or at the least, demanding. I wanted to make the player have to do lots of small movements in succession.
said Jan 8, 2013

What kind of face this is?  What emotion are you trying to convey!?

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