by bengarrr
created Jan 1, 2013
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map notes
So as per my new years resolution to play more dustforce. I have decided to make another map :) I've forgotten how fun the map editor can be.

I like tight maps where your forced to do a lot of flat dashing and wall climbing. This map was made to try and facilitate that play style. Hopefully it was successful.

Happy Dusting!


said Jan 1, 2013
First checkpoint sends you to the location of the second checkpoint (at least that's what I think you were trying to do).  As a result half the level is uncleaned, even if you reached the location of the second checkpoint correctly.

Cool aesthetic, but a little headache-inducing O.o
said Jan 1, 2013
God damn it, dude! I swear the checkpoints keep getting all screwy, like I kept having to delete them them replace them to get them to register. I thought they were all fixed but now this? Gahhhh! And yeah the pink might have been a little too much, I kinda rushed some of the detailing, probably because I was getting sick of replacing check points lol :P
said Jan 1, 2013
Very pretty!
said Jan 2, 2013
I really don't understand why people like this style of map, i just walk around being confused as to what I   can and can't stand on and it's just an unpleasant experience for me =/
said Jan 2, 2013
Today I learned that you can lose your combo even when you are actively hitting stuff during the super move.

That being said, I never really like segments that go without dust so long that the combo is hard to keep. I did, however, really like the style of this level. It may be a little confusing at the start to figure out which platforms you can or cannot touch, but once you know, it feels real natural.

I thought that the slime would be hard see before I loaded up this map. On the contrary, the slime really stands out and goes very well with the entire theme of the level. Overall, this was a very enjoyable map.
said Jan 2, 2013
I find it pretty much impossible to distinguish the foreground from the background since both the background and the foreground pretty much contain the same colors. I can't really say anything about the gameplay because I honestly had no idea of what to do because of the background / foreground issue.
said Jan 3, 2013
Its really hard for me to judge, on my monitors it looks fine, in fact I darkened it up, before it was even brighter. People have said this before but I can never accurately judge what is too dark and whats too bright, I guess I'll just start doing different sky gradients :/
said Jan 3, 2013
It's not really about brightness, more about making the background contrast enough with the foreground.
said Jan 7, 2013
I've got no issues on my side.
said Jan 5, 2013
This whole level could've been averted with a good tissue or sock.
said Jan 6, 2013
I see what you did there haha
said Jan 7, 2013
I love the clean designs of your levels and the slightly ambiguous nature of the platforms ("Hmmm, can I jump on that platform?  Oh, it's next to a pink block and not yellow so yes! Woohoo!").  I think that the character should be virtual or a solid color, though.  Seems a bit out of place as it is.
said Jan 23, 2013
The lack of a kill box at the beginning is annoying. and I really can't tell the difference between background and foreground.

Edit: Once I got past that suff it got better.

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