Ruined Temple

by czulki
created Dec 24, 2012
1010 views | 992 downloads

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map notes
New map etc.

This was originally supposed to be a city escape themed map but I changed my mind.
But have some speedruning sonic music:
retagged Jun 8, 2014


said Dec 24, 2012
Great map as always.  Lots of fun.
said Dec 24, 2012

Just when I thought I beat NoobSlayer's time, my time ended up being 0.216 seconds short of his new time.

Anyways, the level itself is really beautiful. I didn't really care for the one floating dustblock part near the end. The part near the two floating dustballs feels awkward, at least to me. Those two sections I would mess up on a lot.

I'll definitely try to improve my time on this later. Overall, a very good map.
said Dec 24, 2012
Yeah the part with the two dustballs is indeed a bit sluggish since its a sudden slow-down however with a good slope boost its possibly to clear them rather quickly. Plus I felt Its a nice pause before going into the second part of the level.  Also gonna agree with the one floating dustblock. It is kinda random however I felt like it added a little bit of needed difficulty to the map. The faster you go the earlier you have to react to the block :p.
said Dec 24, 2012
I think that two dustball section is actually important to get some variety between different player's runs.  It's an absolutely gorgeous, masterful map, but I was thinking to myself through most of it 'there is exactly one way to do this...'
said Dec 24, 2012
"New map etc." Not just any map :D one of the best in a long time, great job!
said Dec 24, 2012
said Dec 24, 2012
Beautiful map ;)
said Dec 26, 2012
Sweet map! Oh my is it fun :) The light shafts were an awesome touch.
said Jan 1, 2013
Awesome!  I like the "Y"s.  Now I want to have that music playing on every level!

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