funny tech lvl

by Wijo
created Mar 18
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map notes
Easier than originally intended but oh well, at least ur not ruining it with worth this time c: (unless I used triggers wrong...)


said Mar 19
1*. forcing a specific character sucks for players who don't play that character. In spite of my maps generally being made for worth, there is a reason I don't force worth. Worth being able to cheese maps usually only happens because of failing to take worth's jump height into account when making them.

If you want worth to struggle add a spike ceiling just low enough for a full jump as worth to bonk and force the player to jump. To avoid it you have to make a hop which is shorter than man's full jump basically putting worth into the same position as kid (but with one big air charge instead of 2 small ones).
said Mar 19
So like the point of the map is to show off and force people to do a cool strat I thought of (or skip it with jorf if they really want to but I don't really care it's not much easier anyways), allowing for other characters would either make them not need to do that strat which is against the whole point or it would make the level impossible for them, which is effectively the same as just having the trigger. Like the way I've set that up barely works, I'm convinced that the only way to make it work for every character would be to have a filtering system where each character has to go to their own version of the map but that's just stupid. Like the dustman tag is there for a reason.

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