its boshy tire

by Spiraler
created Dec 2, 2023
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map notes
ⓘ This user has not gotten to this room in boshy. I never got past sonic okay! Sonic is a hard boss!

Like boshy, this level will probably be very annoying to try to SS because of all the rng. There is an apple condition that I hopefully programmed correctly, it's even more annoying so yeah. The music is Kid Icarus (NES) Underworld Theme, same as the world 9 theme in boshy.

This map was made for the third blind relay blitz which is also part of the second abrupt showcase. Credit to Zaandaa for giving me the idea, it was not originally my own.

scripts used:
C's entity outliner script, with some modifications to have separate offsets and scaled for enemies and the player.
edited Dec 4, 2023


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