by Tinker
created May 1, 2012
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map notes
First level I made, enjoy! Tried to give all of the places in the city their own character, hope it worked. Thanks to bn, ldrs and escalator for playtesting it.

Check out my other levels as well!
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said May 1, 2012
Fast-flow level and top-notch decoration, great work!
said May 1, 2012
Spectacular job on the level, especially the very detailed decorations and backgrounds.
said May 2, 2012
Love the flow and look of the level, and is not too difficult, great first map!
said May 2, 2012
There should be different votes for both of the game-types since they are kind of different levels most of the time. :)

I really like the Time-Run here. Some nice cuts included and very fun to play.
Not really smooth though.

The Score-Run is OK for me. There are good ideas and stuff but too many things that destroy the flow.
said May 2, 2012
Could you expand on the bad flow parts a bit? I know the bit on top of the demolished building (before sliding down the demolisher's crane) is slightly awkward, and I regret not making that more smooth (I tried to put it in mostly to give Dustworth a bit of competitive edge here, but it might not have been the best of ideas). Anything specific I need to avoid on future maps?
said May 2, 2012
Well, losing flow usually happens when you have to fight an enemy right after a slope (or boosts in general) like the first enemy in this map.
The problem here is not that there is an enemy but that you can't jump to avoid losing speed. You have to attack it from the ground which causes your character to stop.

The second spot is the bridge. It's well done but the "dust" is placed to high on the right side of it. Hard to explain that. But in fact you gotta break in the air to get that. This is only bad for Score-Runs of course.

The third thing is the camera at one point.
When you go for a Time-Run you can' see the small slope (right in front of the first enemy).

That's all for now.
Sorry to be that critical. I am well known for that in other games, too. ;)
Your GFX looks awesome by the way. Wanna do it for my maps? xD
said May 2, 2012
No worries, that helps a lot. I tried removing and replacing the dust to places where you would still grab everything you optimally run through, but I guess it's not perfect still. Oh well.
said May 3, 2012
Great map, very smooth. It's a joy to play.
said May 7, 2012
sup tinker!!! now i know that you are the creator of highway, did you took much time to create it?? how was the process?
im building a second map, but now im looking forward to playability..
said May 8, 2012
I took about two days, give or take, mostly because testing took a while and I had to spend some time actually learning the editor.
said May 11, 2012
yea learning the tool took me some time too, still i dunno how emitters work.. nice work you did on this one
said May 7, 2012
Awesome map! That drawbridge is brilliant and really fun. Also, I like your crane better. :)
said May 8, 2012
Next up, who can create the best bird crane?
said Jun 12, 2012
This map is just plain well-made. Inspiring.
said Oct 12, 2012
Hey thanks :) for your comment on my game Tinker I can see why you are so good at these kinds of things. Great level :)
said Dec 8, 2012
Guys why i can't download any map? :S Fucking Shit
said Dec 8, 2012
There's always a manual download (you can put the file in steam/steamapps/username/common/dustforce/levels), or you should set your Dustforce to Run as Administrator. There's a few threads on both the Steam Forums and the Reddit if you need any more help.
said Feb 16, 2013
Two words: That drawbridge. Not to mention the flow. You move so swiftly through this level that it's hard to take in all the sights. Even with the very first run, I could tell how much work you put into the scenery. Keep up the good work!
said Jun 13, 2017
Graphics are amazing, sweeet game play...well deserved top spot!
said Aug 13, 2020
This map is probably one of my favorite. Congratulations and thank you !
said Aug 13, 2020
This was a fun one to show up, 8 years after making it. Thanks, and enjoy!
said Jan 16
Great map, very smooth. It's a joy to play.  Inspiring.

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