Wonder of Blue

by thisisnotjake
created Apr 17, 2023
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map notes
DLC Week 4
Key times:
Gold: 28.0
Silver: 31.0
Wood: 35.0
Side leaderboard: No Air Charge Any%
No Air Charge Plugin: https://dustkid.com/dfuri/dustmod/pluginInstall/31/No%20Air%20Charge

Thanks to Eponnn for help with gameplay/art and providing custom music.
V Ceilings Inc. For playtesting/feedback
Also betta for the hype secret which has the following credits:

"Do you hear the DLC"
from Les Misérables
lyrics by Kau
sang by Kau, ibums, Gameduck, iheartcake, maybetta
thanks to ibums for mixing help ❤️
down with the 1%
edited Apr 17, 2023


said Apr 19, 2023
Las tragaperras con dinero real son una buena manera de darle sabor a tu juego. También recomiendo este sitio para comparar las diferentes opciones.
said Apr 23, 2023
yes 100% totally agree, the V ceilings really made the map shine, that along with the multiple routes really made it feel like it had infinite re- playability, truly a masterpiece

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