by yerdinalde
created Apr 6, 2023
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map notes
I tried to make this stage better with the help of eponnn and Miles! I'm new, please comment for help :)

And thanks again for the help Miles, I love you:)))))


said Apr 6, 2023
Try using the "restart" option in the menu when testing your map. This will account for the player only being able to move after the countdown.

There are a bunch of weird camera stuff.
- After selecting a camera, you can use your scroll well to adjust the lenience node. You can drag the red dots around. An example of where you can use one is the top left of the level. Otherwise the camera will be too low when the player is standing on the top left where the porcupine is and the ceiling where the spikes is will be out of view.
- While zooming in can be cool if used right, zooming in and out too quickly can be disorientating, and doesn't feel very nice. Especially if the zoom in limits vision that affect gameplay. If it is not the intention/gimmick to limit what the player can see as part of the gameplay it is often best to avoid such zoom ins.
- Try to avoid sharp angles with the camera. When walking in the tunnel with blobs before the top left room, the camera does a jerk. This is because the camera, trying to go left to right, follows the path you drew, which goes up and then down.

If it is meant to be a ground checkpoint, put checkpoints into the ground. So that players spawn on the ground instead of in the air, slightly above the ground. This is a quality of life thing we often do for players, since it can be annoying having to wait for the character to fall or downdashing everytime you respawn.

Using particles to mark deathzones also isn't ideal.

It is probably best to build the level in a way that prevent players from attacking things you do not want them too, rather than putting in disable-enable attack triggers. This can be annoying since the players are unable to see exactly where they are and it can be annoying for them. Also since triggers are activated by where the camera is and not where the character is they can be rather finnicky.
said Apr 7, 2023
still cant see shit

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