Light Electro

by yerdinalde
created Apr 2, 2023
400 views | 1525 downloads

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map notes
At the beginning of the game, you have to go to the left to find the right key at the end of the road! Please share if you have any comments


said Apr 3, 2023
Really nice style but I recommend learning the game and editor more before you make something this big. This one has a lot of mistakes like: it's really unclear where to go on right side and you can fall off to infinity because there are no death zones there.
said Apr 3, 2023
Thank you For commenting :)
said Apr 3, 2023
Cool map :)

While I like your idea of the "teleporter" it does stop you being able to SS the map the normal way because it kills your combo.

But I SS'd it anyway because I'm craaaaaazy!
said Apr 3, 2023
Neat ideas! Keep posting :)

Definitely think about joining the discord ( and asking for map making tips!

A good rule of thumb as a beginner map maker is to make sure you can SS your own level before posting !
said Apr 7, 2023
cant see shit

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