Envious Obelisk

by Spiraler
created Mar 26, 2023
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map notes
Out of the many fractured light kingdoms green is the most daunting. Most people who enter leave as someone else.

Tainted by hatred the obelisk looms. And unfortunately, you are now stuck in this place grinding for a way out, or perhaps a way in. You will understand the secrets of this place. You will find out what happens to those who come here and why. And the best you'll likely leave with is a key of inverted light.

The gameplay was made by Spiraler, that's me. The art was made by BigDiesel. Several members of the why team helped playtest. Zaandaa is hosting the event this was made for, which is the second week of DLC 4. There are two apples.

Gold: 22.2
Silver: 24.5
Wood: 28.0
Side leaderboard: Low Jump SS

We are waiting for you. You were our favorite.
edited Mar 27, 2023


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