by C
created Feb 8, 2023
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/ 11 votes

map notes
A long, hardish, "widescreen" map with some required apple juggling.
There is a secret and a little custom sfx so turning on your sound might be a good idea if you go exploring.

This wasn't really meant to be such a huge project.
I started on this almost immediately after my last map and the gameplay was probably mostly done after about a week, but I didn't consider how much work it would be to do such detailed visuals over such a long map, plus the idea I got for the secret which probably took most of the time meant this ended up taking way more time than planned.

Big thanks to Ukkiez for testing both the main map and secret.
Shoutouts to Miles by maybetta which inspired me to extend the gameplay even more than initially intended.


said Feb 8, 2023
said Feb 8, 2023
Insane map. Plays really well, and doesn't involve anything too hard at random points but really consistent
said Feb 8, 2023
Very cool map. Haven't looked at the secret at all, but main gameplay is superb.
said Feb 8, 2023
I also gotta say, I absolutely love the conditional checkpoints so that you don't just softlock. What a wonderful addition.
said Feb 8, 2023
said Feb 9, 2023
"there is a secret" sure is a way to describe that

holy shit
said Feb 11, 2023
I'm without a doubt doing something wrong (probably just my outdated dustmod) but it causes the camera to break for me without fail, probably already a known thing but figured i'd mention it anyways. Ill update dustmod and give it another try later :)
said Feb 11, 2023
Yes it uses some new camera stuff added to 22.7.1
said Mar 3, 2023
Honestly a masterpiece.

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