4 Ways to sunday V11

by Spooky McSpook
created Nov 24, 2012
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map notes
And right off the bat my second creation!

While still not being too easy to SS, this level is a rather relaxing one. I tried to create a somewhat unique concept and put it into a visually appealing environment. The "gimmick" of this one is to not lose your combo... anything further would spoil the fun of finding out for yourself, I guess ;P
It's kinda arranged for dustgirls jump behavior, but should be possible if not easier with the rest of the cast. (Did it with dk as I am rather bad with dm and dw)

That said, if you're not the OCD-type you can just casually roam it and enjoy Dream Salvage, too!

(Still working on my deeper understanding of the camera, it may be a bit wonky at times...)

I am incredibly sorry, Tinker and IR, in my feeble attempts to get the stars working I deleted the goal-flag and forgot to put it back in... >.<'''
Still a newb, after all ._.

->also fixed that unescapable hole there. Thanks for pointing that out!


Spooky McSpook
said Nov 24, 2012
Double-S score is up, someone crush my time! >o<
(*is slightly distressed at all the D-S scores*)
said Nov 24, 2012
This level was pretty tough one to double SS. My first decent run was done with Dustworth. I got an SB with him. I'd figure he'd be the go to guy considering some of the jumps you need to make in this level. Once I started using Dustkid, the bit at the top right got considerably easier to do without fault. Which brings me to the first thing I dislike about the map.

The top right segment can be very frustrating when trying to SS. If you miss a piece a of dust, it's pretty much all over. As a result of the difficulty of this portion, it almost makes it mandatory that you do it first.

I also don't really care for the long segments between combos either. There should just be a little more room for error I think. I lost my combo several times if I didn't do the exact inputs correctly.

I did like how you would have to keep returning to the center to keep the combo going though. On some of my failed runs I would be so glad to just get back to center so I wouldn't have to worry about losing my combo.

Overall thought this level is pretty fun. When I finally SS ranked it, my heart was racing. I've never felt that pumped SS ranking a level since my earlier days of Dustforce.

(EDIT: I got a pretty respectable time up there now. I don't think I can improve it anymore. I'm sure some else could demolish it though.)
edited Nov 24, 2012
Spooky McSpook
said Nov 25, 2012
" I've never felt that pumped SS ranking a level since my earlier days of Dustforce."
Mission accomplished!

I'm usually a huge sucker with things like the upper right part, so I'd figure if I can do this without too much effort, then it'd be rather easy... difficulty is a difficult thing to measure, I noticed.

And the whole left section is meant to stretch the combo timeframe to the max, aka the gimmick of that section. I don't recall any regular map that has something like this, and a bit of practice on the flat-surface-dash rhythm never hurts. <--my train of thought on making it, I don't love sections like this either, but I thought it would offer a bit of variety.

Either way, you got a pretty impressive time there!
said Nov 25, 2012
"and a bit of practice on the flat-surface-dash rhythm never hurts."
FYI: Constantly dashing does not make you go faster (unless you've just slope dashed and are going faster than the "top" running speed).
said Nov 25, 2012
Very hard in a way that I didn't find very fun.  :-/
Agreed about the entirely dustblock section, especially.  I did like the Space Invaders-ish blockart and aesthetics though.
said Mar 19, 2013
This is pretty late, but I got a Dustman SS time onto the leaderboards :P
said Jun 26, 2023
Thanks to your levels, I am discovering new aspects of the game. Thank you very much!

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