Bit Shift

by Alexspeedy
created Oct 2, 2022
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map notes
A few years ago a created a text file to keep a list of potential names for future maps, and "Bit Shift" is the very first name I thought of. I'm blown away by this map being awarded the "Best gameplay of 2022", I truly did not expect it!

Making gameplay in a short amount of time is tricky, but I find that adding restrictions or sticking to a theme always helps to force me to think about different ways to use the same type of tile/enemy/theme etc. So with that in mind, the restriction that I ended up going with is that I could only use flat or right facing slant tiles.

I also made an effort to make the map easy to SS on a first playthrough, adding extra platforms in places where you might fall, and keeping the number of spikes to a minimum (really most of them are just there to prevent dustspread).

Then for the visuals I was thinking about what computer-related styles existed, and was reminded of the classic green text on a black background of retro computer terminals, which I reproduced with a good number of moons for that lovely glow effect. Then, just before the deadline, I whacked down some background tiles with some randomness to look a bit glitchy.
edited Jan 22, 2023

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said Oct 6, 2022
By far my fave segment but I didn't even make it halfway through the whole thing :^)

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