q Difficult

by Sephirah
created Aug 22, 2022
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map notes
You can only really get better if you push out of your comfort zone so that's why I decided to make a virtual level! Its honestly not too bad, but it might take a few attempts to get an SS and that's what I'm hoping for. Huge thanks to Anubiz for tweaking the level design a tad as well as the Mapmaking discord for help with the camera (and I removed the troll prism at the end don't worry <3)
retagged Sep 6, 2022


said Aug 22, 2022
Good map! Got a 1st try SS.

Not exactly sure how to phrase it but I wouldn't call it "difficult". There isn't really any precise movment, hard attacks, tight sections, etc. The spikes act as an "illusion" but the gameplay itself isnt hard. What I mean is if you kept gameplay exactly the same and changed the aesthic and got rid of the spikes i bet most people wouldn't even be phased by it. Hope that makes sense :) !

 Regardless, still a very good map, played well, looks like a stock "difficult". Keep making them!
said Aug 22, 2022
yeah I see what you mean, the spikes are sort of a fake hazard. The only real challenge is hitting prisms through walls and that's not exactly difficult, I only really called it difficult for the aesthetic lol
said Aug 22, 2022
amazing map
said Aug 23, 2022
The first checkpoint felt a bit unnecessary, but other than that great map!
said Aug 24, 2022
very pretty

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