by Sephirah
created Aug 20
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map notes
Used this map to experiment with Sublayers a little as well as using an awkward color pallet, its not as long as my other levels I feel but I hope its fun regardless!
retagged Sep 6


said Aug 20
Keep making maps!!
said Aug 21
Good map! I would be careful of changing the color of the player to anything other than solid (if at all. When its faded like that espeically the same style as the background it becomes easy to lose yourself
said Aug 21
fun map, agree with miles, after grinding a lot you get used to the color for the character but for a first playthrough yeah its sometimes a little tricky.
said Aug 22
Similar train here, like the map but I kinda can't see shit. This ones got some visibility issues for me, few times through and I've got it figured out now but the colors are pretty similar making it not as clear as some of your others. Like the map regardless.

Edit: seems like my blue light filter was making it a lot worse I can mostly see!
said Aug 23
yes in retrospect making the character the same shade as the level was a mistake ^^ I'll keep that noted
said Aug 25
Made a TAS for this one also :)

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