Zetris 2 Wetrix

by Spiraler
created Aug 8, 2022
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map notes
Everyone loves Zetris from week 2 so I just had to make a sequel based on the obscure Nintendo 64 game Wetrix and by based on I mean it's underwater because Wetrix is about water.

Fish particle emitter by eponnn from the map Jels found here http://atlas.dustforce.com/10803/jels used with permission. I didn't copy all the particles, just waterfalltop, waterfall, and droplets. Gameplay by myself, with lots of playtesting feedback from Zasha (cora presidenta), zizter__zimon, Zireball, Zkyhawk, zukkiez, zarbitraryasian, and zazzy (and zaandaa). Art concept by Zkyhawk and expanded to the whole map by myself.

There are four (4) apples, and the gimmick for the map is probably apple SS which means hitting all four (4) of the four (4) apples and finishing the map with SS rank (making sure to hit all four (4) apples) after getting the apples of which there are four (4).

Thank you for playing :)
edited Aug 9, 2022


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