by Allin1
created Nov 15, 2012
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map notes
this is my first job, I hope you like it. Do not judge strictly. Level is not complicated.


Probably not Towelie
said Nov 15, 2012
Okay, liked the level as a whole but the checkpoint placement could use some work. Also, its a good idea to not put spikes on a boost tile, unless of course your point was to make it annoyingly hard. Anyways good job on the level especially the visuals, looked great.
said Nov 15, 2012
Thanks, I will improve
said Nov 15, 2012
Map has some potential.  Think the lighting could be better, grey on grey made a lot of things difficult to see.  Certain spikes just ruin the flow of the level and don't really add much to it.  Also recommend you put your checkpoints lower in the ground instead of above it.
said Nov 15, 2012
thanks next time, I'll try to fix
said Nov 15, 2012
Pretty much what they said, flow could use some work (but is pretty good already!). The graphical style of it is original and lovely to look at.
said Nov 15, 2012
... hate to say the same thing, but yeah, artistically fantastic, lots of practical annoyances.  I'm not sure you should have made anything brighter, as it defeats the purpose and atmosphere of the level, but don't choose grey dust on grey concrete buildings with grey rails in front of it.  Additionally, the very end is really awkward.  If the dust blocks didn't come up so high it wouldn't be so flow-breaking to get enough speed to fall through them.  Spikes on the edges of platforms aren't good either, nor are blind drops onto spikes.

Difficult and annoying are two closely related but different things :-/
C. Cleveland
said Nov 15, 2012
i like the background. but its hard to see the foreground clearly. that and the first jump is BLOCKED BY SPIKES!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US!?!?!

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