amor climb

by TwinkieSWF
created Apr 14, 2022
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map notes
11:21TwinkieSWF: hello
11:21HolyKau: o/
11:21TwinkieSWF: wait i got an ad
11:21skyhawk033: hey twinkie
11:21TwinkieSWF: I SAID WAIT
11:22TwinkieSWF: okay now
11:22skyhawk033: wanna make a map twinkie
11:22TwinkieSWF: for what
11:22skyhawk033: for dustforce
11:22TwinkieSWF: for fun LUL
11:22TwinkieSWF: good one
11:22skyhawk033: what if I sweeten the deal
11:22TwinkieSWF: try me
11:22skyhawk033: if you make a ramen map, I'll make a ramen map
11:22TwinkieSWF: no deal
11:23skyhawk033: sadge
11:23TwinkieSWF: actually
11:23TwinkieSWF: sure
11:23skyhawk033: I'm scared now
11:23skyhawk033: at what realization you've come to
11:23skyhawk033: say, 2 hour time limit?
11:24skyhawk033: anything more than that and it's approaching non ramen territory
11:24TwinkieSWF: 5-10 minutes
11:24skyhawk033: alright sure
11:24TwinkieSWF: let me find my controller
11:24skyhawk033: I'll try to finish in 30, I'm not as fast
11:24HolyKau: monkaS
11:24TwinkieSWF: theme?
11:24skyhawk033: hmmm
11:25skyhawk033: Kau you wanna pick a theme?
11:25HolyKau: haha I just thought of a bad theme we shouldn't do
11:25HolyKau: Love Climb adjacent
11:25TwinkieSWF: I'm gonna stop map making at xx:40
11:25skyhawk033: oh no
11:26skyhawk033: alright I guess that's the theme
11:26TwinkieSWF: ok
11:26TwinkieSWF: 3 2 1 go
11:26skyhawk033: gl


said Apr 14, 2022
for the record i finished at 11:43 so I'm disqualified
said Apr 14, 2022
I finished in 35 minutes so I am also disqualified
said Apr 14, 2022
I finished at 11:48 so I'm unqualified

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