Lets go on an Initial Adventure

by DrPhineas
created Nov 12, 2012
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map notes
So here is my attempt at an adventure map!  It's still a work in progress, as in, I still need to put in a lot of the maps detailing.  I wanted to see what people though of the routes and camera work as its been pretty difficult coming up with a map that is really variable in difficulty.  Also, because all of the routes have to come back to a central area, the camera work has been particularly difficult to get to be smooth.

There are checkpoints in the map, but they are not in the route.  I've tried to make most of them destroy the combo when you go to use them so that you have to make a choice between having your progress be saved and getting SS.

At this point in the maps development, what I need most is replays of other people playing and critique from everyone on Camera and Flow/Route.  I wanted the lab to be fairly easy, but flow really well, the basement should be slightly more difficult and have slightly choppier (not to say that there are full stops there), and the backyard should be the hardest of the three and a more difficult route to keep a smooth flow in.

The idea for this comes from the map Adventure Prototype (http://atlas.dustforce.com/1096/adventure-prototype) by Submohr (http://atlas.dustforce.com/user/Submohr).

Reuploaded to attempt to fix replay issues  >.<


said Nov 12, 2012
Urgh it didn't save my replay :(

General comments, though:
I still like the general idea of an adventure game map, but it needs the gameplay to support it too. The lab rules, and the final boss is pretty fun again, but the backyard and basement bits are mainly made hard by really finicky, annoying areas that are mainly hard because of very precision based movement in incredibly tight areas, which isn't very fun (the big climbing bits in both areas are particularly bad, with the long, tight bit in the backyard with all the enemies left and right - incredibly obnoxious because you need to turn around enough for the attack to hit the other way, but not enough to make you move), and the spiky climb bit where you need to hit an enemy very precisely halfway during a jump). That said, both of those have some really cool bits too - you use dustblocks in great ways.

So basically, I like most of it, but it needs less tight areas, because it isn't very fun to move around those. It's hard enough already, no need to make it annoying.
said Nov 12, 2012
Agreed.  Never confuse lack of flow with difficulty - lack of flow results from placing enemies, dust and platforms in such a way that the many automatic reactions of your character are inappropriate.  It can make things harder, but it does so in an annoying way instead of a compelling way.
said Nov 12, 2012
Ok, cool.  It's these kinda things that I posted the map early for.  The lack of replays is really annoying since it is hard to visualize exactly what parts are annoying, but I'm fairly certain that I understand where you two are talking about.  I'll work some more on each area and try to figure out a better way to get the vertical movement in.  Or maybe have each one be a longer overall loop kinda like the lab area.  We'll see.
said Nov 13, 2012
Always wanted someone to make a map that focuses on clearing segments rather than speed running the whole thing. Also reminds me of some of the jumps from the nexus. Good job!
said Nov 13, 2012
I feel the overall difficulty of the map is nice. I would not consider increasing it at all considering the scope of the level. It could maybe even be lowered just a tad.

One thing I dislike about this map is the save feature gimmick. I call it a gimmick cause I feel that it is such. It makes it a bother to get the checkpoints when you have to go out of your way to get them. I realized you designed it this way, but I feel it makes it hard to practice the map. Anytime you want a checkpoint, you have to manually get it. I think that in it breaks the natural progression of level to me. I just feel no desire to try and SS rank the level because of it.

Also, this doesn't really feel like an adventure map to me. It's more of choose your own path with three different sections. Each section has a fairly obvious route that one should take. I think the map would need way more exploration elements to qualify as an adventure map. Don't get me wrong though, it did like each portion of map a lot.

And just one little thing that annoyed me. One of the small rock dudes fell of an edge when I went to get a save point. Every time since he was in a pit of spikes I could not reach without a super, the little bugger.
said May 7, 2017
Hey! I know probably nobody will ever see this comment, but I stumbled upon this map and I absolutely love it! I wish there were more maps like this on atlas, but it seems like the amount of work that has to be put into making them is extremely high for the small group of people that like them.

anyway, I'm going to go play the rest of your maps now! thanks for making them!
said Jun 26, 2023
Your levels are full of mystery. Thank you for this unforgettable journey.

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