Saffron City

by Submohr
created Nov 7, 2012
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map notes
REPUBLISHED.  see end for details


they could be used more effectively than this but i wanted a map that showed off the idea of a teleporter and pokemon came to mind...

pros:  teleports
cons: gets rid of combo, so you can't reasonably put a teleporter in an SS-able level.

the any% run here is just beating 'sabrina'.  the 100% is beating all the trainers in the gym before beating her.  this map was relatively quickly done - it plays pretty poorly because it's a sidescrolling port for a top down game.  also, the 100% is weird in that, since the teleporters work by checkpoints, if you beat a trainer (kill a mob) after having landed on a platform and teleport without going to another one, the trainer will come back (because you don't hit a new checkpoint before you die, so it counts you as having beaten the trainer after your checkpoint) - so make sure you beat trainers in the air, or something.

let me know if any of the teleporters seem broken, but it should work fineish.  the cameras are weird, too, so let me know if you know of a better way to deal with them - sometimes the camera moves with your teleport fluidly, and sometimes it hangs awkwardly on the last room for a bit before going.  this was more a problem with the fact that you didn't really run anywhere in this level, though, i think -  a lot of static cameras all over the place.

anyways.  again, just a proof of concept - i can think of better applications for a teleporter but this was the obvious one.

REPUBLISHED - i realized that because of the way high scores are handled, SD is the same as DS and any% runs were functionally 100% runs.  I put some dust at the beginning so that any%s are at least DBs, so the high score chart isn't entirely just any%s.  sorry to the 1 download that happened before i realized, whoever you are.


said Nov 8, 2012
I think someone transformed Sabrina into a giant crystal in a new wacky episode of Pokémon
said Nov 8, 2012
said Nov 8, 2012
on watching replays and playing through the level myself i can say at least that future applications of teleporters should probably stay away from 'action' areas so that you don't lose progress without realizing it (killing a mob only to have it respawn while you're in a new room), and should probably be on level ground (or at least not have other teleporters/checkpoints underneath).  to anyone wanting to make one, it's just a checkpoint flag with the trigger boundaries set around a killbox, and the flag itself in a separate room.  forces a death and respawns elsewhere.
said Nov 8, 2012
Wooo sub 20!
said Jun 26, 2023
Your levels are extraordinary! Thank you for this wonderful journey.

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