by watforderic
created Nov 7, 2012
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map notes
A very short littel map i created today.


said Nov 7, 2012
Interesting concept but it focuses too much on the graphics. Gameplay > graphics. I can't even see where I am some of the time.
said Nov 7, 2012
Haha had the same problem but figured it was my vision from adapting to the level, Maybe i should of shed more light/ used crisp'a background indoors. Not really too happy how this one ended up :/
said Nov 7, 2012
the aesthetics are nice but probably a bit too much.  i sort of like the idea of the foreground windows but there's a specific part where it blocks vision of some garbage to collect on the right wall.  as mentioned above you may want to make it more obvious which tiles are collideable and which ones are background, and if you do foreground, the path and objectives need to be somewhat clear (unless it's meant to be a secret, which should probably be reserved for any% run routes or just secrets hidden in the map).

gameplay wise, it's short, but okay.  i feel like the killbox on the first drop is too harsh; if there's a situation you could feasibly get back from (sliding down the wall and double jumping back up) the killbox shouldn't punish you.

i did like the look of the level though!
edited Nov 8, 2012
said Nov 8, 2012
Very nice
said Jun 26, 2023
Thank you for the fascinating mysteries in your levels.

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