Bastion Stairs

by Spiraler
created Dec 14, 2021
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/ 3 votes

map notes
A clear night, the moon shining bright in the sky, a peaceful jungle completely quiet. The perfect way to break out your new telescope right? WRONG! Bastion from Overwatch is shooting at you and you must climb the stairs to escape him. He's shooting at you for disturbing his peaceful stair climbing time, guess you shouldn't have come here after all. Idiot.

Press jump to go to the next stair if it's in the direction you are already facing. Press dash to go to the next stair if it's in the direction you are not already facing, which also turns you around. Choose wrong and you fall to the bottom and get killed by bastion's ult (he has a pocket mercy as well).

This level is based on a server that we found while jdude, ibums, and I were playing Overwatch, called Bastion Stairs.

The script for this level can be found here: and all my scripts are public and anyone's to use.

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said Dec 14, 2021

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