Crystal Projection

by Spiraler
created Nov 14, 2021
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map notes
A disturbance has been detected. Chaos. Darkness. Corruption. Destruction. Something must be done.

The crystal guardians have always protected and promoted order and light. Light channeled through one refracts into an array of colors. This is harnessed for good and the waves of light can be traveled easily by those who harness the power of the crystals.

Projecting between two places is as simple as channeling your own destructive energy into light. For humans this is most commonly achieved by pressing the heavy key. It is your duty to restore order to this area. A reservoir of your remaining light energy, known to mortals as a "combo timer," is displayed on the left of the screen; restore order to replenish it.

This map was made as part of the Custom Map Jam 2 - for which the theme was two. The combo break sound is the sound that plays when you enter a new room or restart in I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 2. It's probably from somewhere else originally but that's where I know it from. There is no timer because I didn't feel like putting one in. I disabled the normal score display because the bottom left of the screen was being used for gameplay area.

As with all my script levels, the script for this level can be found on my github at and you are free to use any part of it or even the whole thing in your own level.
edited Nov 14, 2021


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