Evening Escalation

by BigDiesel
created Oct 15, 2021
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map notes
Older Diesel here, writing a map description since I noticed I forgot to do one when I uploaded this:
Long climbing map I made for BRB 1. Stylistically it's a mashup of the vanilla maps Shaded Grove, Ascent, and Observatory, with a bit of Park off to the side as a bonus. I'm really happy with how the map turned out, and figuring out how to remix and blend the vanilla levels into one big map was a lot of fun. :)

The challenge for this map during the event was "Fastest SS", with a time limit of 15 minutes. It was a ton of fun watching the racers compete on the map, and the event was a ton of fun overall. That being said, in hindsight I think other levels ended up fitting the BRB style a bit more than this one. I think it might have been better if the map was either shorter (so the racers could beat it multiple times and try to bring their times down during the event) or tougher (in which case we could have changed the challenge to "First SS"). Either way though, event was fun, map is cool, I'm pretty happy.

Big thanks to Zaandaa for organizing the event and giving tons of awesome feedback on the map. You rock! <3
edited Jul 25, 2022


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