by HolyKau
created Oct 6, 2021
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map notes
Have you ever wanted to play both tetris and Dustforce at the same time? Well now you can on Multetrask. Play Tetris while you dodge spikes, keep combo, and clear dust.

Thanks spiraler for letting me use your code and your level to create this monstrosity :D


Reuploaded to fix desyncs and to make it actually human SSable.

Bug fixes:
1. Apparently clones also have their own combo meter that cannot be seen and their combo drops count against your finesse. This was fixed by making the clones (left and bottom right) never drop combo.
2. a) Replay desyncs were caused by the seed not getting properly loaded because the entity desync data did not save on frame 16 every time. It is based on proximity to the player, not proximity to the camera, so moving the character start location too far away from the script entities used to hold the seed (which is encoded in the script entities' x positions) caused the weird desync data saving,
b) First good attempt at a fix was to move the script entities closer to the player. However this still caused the wrong seed to be loaded because the moved entities were no longer on an integer pixel position. Throw in some floating point math/rounding and the calculated seed is not the same.
c) Instead of fixing the math, the entities were just removed and replaced so that they would be on integer pixel positions closer to the player.

Huge thanks to Skyhawk for debugging this with me while juggling apples in upside down Night Temple
retagged Oct 28, 2021


said Oct 6, 2021
That's my bad on the SeedGenerator script being very not good but I'm glad you were able to make it work.
said Oct 6, 2021
No worries. This wouldn't exist without your SeedGenerator script to begin with so I am forever grateful :D
said Oct 8, 2021
You ever come home to your dog having peed all over the rug and then you're angry at first but then you look at the cute, regretful eyes your dog has and you're like, "I'm sorry, I can't be mad at you."

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