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created Sep 10, 2021
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map notes
Welcome to Ragwood, the Town of Gold, Guns and Greed!

This is my submission for the Summer Mapmaking Competition 2021. My goal was to make what I call a living map. Every building, every NPC, every prop, and every piece of lore is placed to give the impression that Ragwood is a town that is being lived in, has history, personality, conflicts and a sense of continuity.

I'd like to give thanks to my playtesters, TheFallingLotus, MNTempest, msg555 and Skyhawk. I'd also like to give thanks to my non-Dustforce friends at the Monki Ranch, Lilithwckd, Jero, Bonzaiben, Inkletter and Rubiez for giving me the support I needed to stay motivated and keep on working. I want to give an extra deserving special thanks to Skyhawk though, for sitting me down for multiple days and teaching me how to script, so that I could make the scripts you see in this map.

There are two sidequests, three apples, and a surprise musical performance by me in this map.

All characters and events in this level, even the ones based on real people, are entirely fictional.

Wild West Never Sleeps by BFCmusic

Ghost Town by Brandon Fiechter
Music Copyright © Brandon Fiechter
edited Sep 11, 2021


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