Building a Building

by thisisnotjake
created Jul 11, 2021
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easy ramen city

map notes
Mr Delo Im sorry i failed you :(

Not happy with a lot of small things in this map but gave myself like two hours to get er done and this what ive got
feedback appreciated
overall good practice for map jam :^)
easy to ss but might be a bit harder to get a GOOD run
watch out for the trash
ill put up a run with intended strats on girl prob eventually if ur interested to see but through playtesting found a lot of faster stuff

edit: oh and forgot to say trigger is a slightly modified version of Window washings which i added after i realized halfway through that map was unconsciously inspired by it, so shoutout to that map and sorry mattermonkey

city is hard back to virtual for me
edited Jul 11, 2021

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said Jul 12, 2021
I liked it. However, there were some issues with the camera. As for the start I would recommend either just having one big connect node which grabs the player, or make the interest not go past the character. In that way you will start with the camera further away.

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