Bad Moving Prop

by jdude0822
created Jun 4, 2021
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map notes
Update* I've fixed the issue where props wouldn't line up on the sprite exactly. Feel free to DM me on discord for updates on the script. You can look on my github for it as well if needed.

Pretty buggy but usable moving prop script.

for propSet, propGroup, and propIndex info.

Still going to work on this more, but i thought it was somewhat usable enough to be useful to someone.

The main known issues are:
1. the previews in the editor not being the same as the path the prop actually will take. (I think this has to do with props having funny offsets? Possible that I am just making a mistake though)
2. Very short paths, and some more vertical paths bug out. IDK what's up with these, but I will probably fix it
edited Jun 5, 2021


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