1am Cake

by mister__simon
created May 7, 2021
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map notes
Map for 1am, Cake for the delicious vegan cake I had the day I made the map.
Man, it was some good cake, honestly. New little vegan cafe in my town out of nowhere, and they do this sorta cake.
What I'm trying to say is that it was good. It's the sort of cake that makes you wanna go afk.
Team afk.


Thanks Jdude for a bunch of visual / camera / gameplay improvements.
Thanks Ukkiez for the gameplay tweaks + feedback.
Thanks Virgate for the gameplay feedback and hanging out in chat while we worked on the map.
Thanks Litenang for inspiring the gameplay.
Thanks to the rest of Team AFK for being the clear winners. At least in my heart.

No performance issues or crashes this week pls. Thanks.

And most imoprtantly,
edited May 8, 2021


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