Airship and Castle

by Zaik
created Apr 14, 2021
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map notes
First map oh god be gentle


said Apr 15, 2021
A solid first map!  I only had two concerns/annoyances:

1) You start so close to the ledge in front of you that you can't start with a dashjump.  You either need to backup and dashjump, or do an aerial dashjump from a slow start.  Is this intended?
2) There are floating books!
said Apr 18, 2021
1) No, I should have put you further left.
2) Theyre magic.
said Apr 15, 2021
It's a good first map, but it does come with some issues

First thing  is the game-play. It's not very engaging, more annoying rather. Books are generally disliked, but when they're used in this way it's a no go for me. It had some cramped spaces which are fine, but I do want the option to go faster if it's possible. Although, this isn't something major as it's only in one location in the map so it's fine.

As for the camera it was decent. I would try having a bigger camera for the middle section and try have it lead the way a bit more. Wasn't too sure where to go there until i noticed the treasure entity. What I would try to do is have something that leads your eyes there. Makes it a bit easier to sight read.

As Abu mentioned, move the tile a bit at the start so that u can start of with max run speed!
I also noticed that some checkpoints were floating. Try place them halfway through the ground. That way the character will spawn on the ground ASAP.

Nothing to complain about the visuals. They never got in the way and kept the map from looking a bit boring. If I were to do it, I would have a bit more layers involved, but that comes later with more maps made!
said Apr 18, 2021
Feedback much appreciated. Happy that the visuals turned out good since they were what I was the most worried about.
said Apr 16, 2021
I agree with delo for the most part. For me, gameplay was was akward and hard for no aparent reason. Visuals were really good though
said Apr 18, 2021
True. I should have found ways to do the things I wanted the player to do that were, perhaps, less tight/unclear

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