La Grotte

by DrPhineas
created Oct 17, 2012
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map notes
Originally I was just making a map to practice moving on walls like at the end of Giga Difficult, then I was like "I wonder how that armor movement thingy in Twin Temples works.  I bet I could recreate it."  Eventually the level evolved to encompass more of the things I've seen in other custom maps and trying to recreate them and why I don't see them in more maps (read: creating a zipper is tedious -.-).

This is the end result of all that experimenting.  I have no idea if its any good, but I find it difficult (not hard, just not something I can S+ which is kinda embarrassing >.>) and quite entertaining.  Critique a lot :D
edited Oct 17, 2012


said Oct 17, 2012
Pretty cool map, although the zip was pretty annoying (and I hate giga-walls).  I'll probably try for an SS run later but I got an any% run that I'm pretty happy with.
said Oct 17, 2012
Beautiful! But too hard for me and my dustkid for SS :/
edited Oct 17, 2012
said Oct 18, 2012
Yeah, it took me about 2 minutes when I was testing it with dustkid.  Of course, thats only 30 seconds slower than the other three, but still.
said Oct 19, 2012
pretty sure this isn't SSable by dustworth without super crazy strats that I haven't found yet, dustworth attacks too slow to push the knight all the way to the left in the start.
said Oct 19, 2012
you can definitely SS it with dustworth, i've gotten several SD's on him.  You just have to press right in between attacks to slow yourself a bit so you can keep hitting the knight.  You can even stop a bit short and let him walk into the death zone himself if you have him aggroed.
edited Oct 19, 2012
said Oct 19, 2012
While I was testing it I got at least SB with every character, so I believe it is possible.  I just really suck at the part where you have to go from one part of the single block wall to the other.  I always mess up there :|
said Nov 2, 2012
Great level, one of my favorites. Only complaint is the difficulty is a bit lopsided, the armor movement and faux giga wall sections are tough but everything on the moon is a joke. Makes sense, since it's just trying out different gimmicks, though.
said Nov 19, 2012
liked the map a lot! it was satisfying to finally SS it when I did, but along the way found some places where maybe the dead zone hitboxes shouldn't be and I died a couple times for i dunno why... also giga walls are ok for me but the spikes you have to get in between at the end messed me up a bit. and falling out of the zipper sometimes by accident, lol
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks to you, the game takes on a new meaning. Thanks a lot!

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