Frozen Machinarium

by ShurykaN
created Oct 28, 2020
195 views | 395 downloads

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map notes
Credit to Delotrix for half of the name
thanks to skyhawk for test
CMR 59
try going for no dash runs? if you dare
edited Oct 31, 2020


said Oct 31, 2020
Got stuck on this for too long, mostly because of the camera, adjusting my fall for spiky tunnel without seeing it was too hard for me.
It was still fun
said Oct 31, 2020
I liked the colors and style picked for this map a lot. It's simple and effective. The obstacles were varied and interesting, but they were plagued by a bad camera. I don't think there's a whole lot you can do with the camera to make the map play better, so the reverse approach should've probably been taken: The map needed to be shaped in a way that makes the camera better.

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