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ok, I don't know what you guys want. I have been listening to feedback. I spent a week on that map. Here's a shitpost using temp's shitpost about my map. After all my more original maps are generally disliked. I try, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I can never tell why since I made sure to stop making maps that I don't find fun. I even made sure that I could SS the last map. Sucks that as soon as I start trying to make more original maps again, I get made fun of. Its not even in a way where I can work out what I supposedly did wrong. I have always taken inspiration from other platformers I have played since dustforce levels are so bad. I also try to follow good general design principles like making difficulty drop after a hard section to give a breather. Sure I botch the execution, but I try.


said Apr 7
said Apr 7
Don't overthink it. You like maps that most other people don't like. So when you publish something you like people will tend to not like it. If you were talking about the temp map when you said "made fun of", its likely just because you man/girl gated it. Those tend to almost always do really poorly unless its like a short tech demonstration type level. Always good to let people play what they want to play.

Regarding level design you said you've been listening to feedback, but this last level basically falls into the "do the same thing over and over again" (down heavy or up heavy x10000 ) feedback which i gave you on a previous level. So maybe take a look at that again. You are free to ignore feedback but don't say you've been listening and then do things that are in direct contrast.

So in conclusion, you make maps you like which most people don't like so will criticise. Either live with that or actually try and address problems if you care to try and make maps that people like and want to play. If you want a personal example, Syzygy is my JAM. Thats my favorite type of level. I know it wasn't super well liked compared to the other maps but I think most people found something in it that they liked. Your maps tend to be centralized around a SINGULAR theme thats been well established not what the community calls "fun". So try and add more stuff to the map. I highly recommend reading my feedback post on your previous(s) maps and reflecting upon it on this map.

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