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When going from high school to college, you need to know three important things. The most important thing you need to know is that you are now an adult and you must take responsibility for your own learning. The second thing is that college is hard.

If you were at the top of your class in high school, you were used to being a better student than 90% of the other students in your class. College is full of people who are like you or better. The bar has been raised. As a result, knowing how to read effectively and efficiently the huge volume of texts that will be assigned to you and to get the homework done on time will represent a huge and almost impossible challenge if you do not change your habits.


1) The importance of responsibility
2) How to read college texts
3) Time management

Because college work is harder, it will demand greater attention. No-one is going to be telling you what to do. So, turn off the TV and music and find a quiet place. The only possible exception might be to play some Mozart as it has been demonstrated to help with concentration

Don’t expect your professor to make a vocabulary list for you. Because college work is harder, you may come across words you don’t completely understand. It is imperative that you look up and define any unfamiliar words. No-one is going to do it for you.

Read like a college student

This is one of the biggest kept secrets. You are not expected to read every word of every book or article that is assigned to you. You need to read strategically. How exactly to do that could take up several articles. There are different strategies for reading depending on the discipline you are studying and how many books or articles you are reading simultaneously for a given assignment. Ask a professor or a grad student for tips.

Manage your Time

A paper calendar may be handy for planning your assignments. Divide the assignment up into stages and write the last stage on your calendar the day, or the day before, it is due. Highlight “Finish X Assignment today” in red on your calendar. Figure out how long it should take you to complete the assignment and count back that number of days to find the start date on the calendar. Write “Start X Assignment” on the start date on your calendar and highlight it in green. Find the middle date and write “Should be half finished with X assignment” on your calendar and highlight it in yellow.