by chaoticenigma
created Jun 26, 2019
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map notes
First map. 13 sections(by my count at least, others might argue less), 13 apples to find. Not all 13 sections are required even for Apple SS.

All map sections and apples were tested with all characters, so any character can potentially get Apple SS,though getting to or from some apples may be hard to survive or have a tight time limit.


said Jun 26, 2019
what a mouthful
said Jun 27, 2019
said Jun 27, 2019
I'll try to offer some constructive criticism.

Overall, this map doesn't feel like it was playtested at all. Everything is *possible* with all characters but it's not fun with any of them. Certain spots feel absolutely bullshit with certain characters, and you may have gotten it once and said "yeah that's good."

But it's not good, the majority of this level is so precise to the point where it's just bullshit and not fun to actually play. Particularly the bit with the diamonds and a bunch of prisms doesn't feel like it was designed with any particular route through it. It feels more like you slapped a bunch of stuff down, checked to see if it was possible and called it a day. Most of the map feels like you tried to make it hard but without understanding why certain maps like yotta are hard and fun to begin with. Moreover you're a kid player, so I suspect this map was heavily designed around kid and verified to be possible with all characters. This is fine, just please mention that.

Ok I'll stop being mean, because to be fair, making maps that are both hard and fun is difficult. You have to have a good understanding of why certain obstacles in the game are fun, and how the game and the movement works. Playtesting is paramount to making sure your map is fun, and getting others to test your map for you can help catch mistakes you missed.

I would recommend checking out some customs (or stock levels for that matter) that you like, then seeing what you like about them, analyzing it, and trying to do something similar. Then test your map, please. Also I would recommend you don't try to make your first map a four minute long monster lol. Maybe try to make a 15s long map with heavily considered and tested gameplay than four minutes of gameplay that is neither of those things.

Anyway this map is bad but you shouldn't feel bad. Give it another shot!

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