The Way of the Janitor

by msg555
created Apr 21, 2015
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map notes
This is a puzzle map.  Figuring out how to get S completion (and the any% route) is half the fun.
retagged Apr 22, 2015


said Apr 21, 2015
I didn't personally find this very fun but maybe just not my style.
said Apr 21, 2015
You played it?  It's a bit non-linear and not obvious how to do compared to other maps.
said Apr 22, 2015
I played it, didn't finish it.
said Apr 21, 2015
Really creative puzzle. I liked watching the intended route, but a little too difficult to figure out for me
kill the dustbinary
said Apr 22, 2015
dustkid gets bullied: the any% (until someone does the end properly at least)
edited Apr 22, 2015
said Apr 22, 2015
I'm having trouble understanding by which rules new moves are unlocked on this map.
said Apr 22, 2015
Very cool, very tough though.
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 22, 2015
This might be a very fun map to figure out... but personally I have no desire to.  The fact that what ability you get and when you get it is very cryptic, combined with a zero effort fog trigger and no music trigger and other general laziness, all wrapped up in a ton of length and difficulty, just makes me not want to stick it out and finish it.
said Apr 22, 2015
meh @ unlocking abilities
said Apr 24, 2015
Cool! But I gave up and I watched your replay ahah
I think the fact that it's long and hard to figure out at the same didn't encourage me. Hope to see other puzzle maps tho!

ps: is awesome :o

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