10 special Vceilings

by dcbc1000
created Feb 15
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map notes
Sorry there were way too many last time. Now there are only 10. Checkpoint every V-ceiling. Also no enable disable. V-ceiling is faster than cheese anyway.


said Feb 15
said Feb 15
I think you should make some different maps instead of slightly altering your existing map. The last 7 of your maps were really only 3 maps witth slight changes

I'm all for reuploading and making changes, but most of your reuploads seem to be just
1. Removing "cheese"
2. Making things shorter/longer
3. Cutting out portions of the map and making it it's own thing

Try and experiment around a bit more. You say you like "gimmicks", so instead of making a pure gimmick map such as this, rather try to make an "actual map" that incorporates the gimmick into the level. You seem to just take a gimmick and force it onto the player (usually in drastic not REALLY ss'able way). Try to ease the player into it and introduce the player. For this level for example, imagine you made an entire level but used only a few of these ceilings throughout to connect sections. Now you get the satisfaction of using your gimmick and the gameplay isn't just spamming the same inputs over and over again.
said Feb 15
Thanks for the feedback. TBH, when I experiment with a lot of mechanics and stuff, it leads to maps like hell climb and eu diplomatic meeting, where there is way too much stuff and the map takes forever to beat. It's easier to test and learn from feedback by tweaking an existing map. Although saying that, you are correct, I should probably make a more original map with the lessons that I have learned recently.
said Feb 16
hm, i think this one is a tad easy. Perhaps 15 or 20 would be a better median.

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