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About: According to Chitika, a firm that studies website traffic, the first page of a Google search captures about 92 percent of the website traffic for that term. Chitika analysis goes on to report that the top three spots on the first page of Google's results capture about 60 percent of the traffic. So contrary to initial impressions that going for a high-traffic keyword will earn the most, going for those low-traffic, long tail keywords is the best way to earn affiliate income for the new affiliate marketer. It's much better to rank high for a low-volume keyword and earn some income than it is to try to rank for a high-volume keyword and earn nothing because the competition is too tough and you don't even rank on the first page, let alone the first three spots on that page.

Going for a low-volume keyword and ranking high is a good strategy for future growth. You rank high for a low-volume keyword because Google recognizes you are meeting the needs of the audience that is searching for that term or product. Then you add another long tail keyword and work on ranking for that one. With each new long tail keyword you rank for, the authority of your site rises in Google's eyes. Build up about 20 long tail keywords and rank for them, and your authority will rise with each one. As your authority rises, you'll be able to rank for more competitive keywords that get more traffic. With each step, your authority, website traffic, and income should rise. That's much better than trying for a high-volume keyword you really don't have a chance of ranking for and never being able to get out of the bottom of the list where there is no profit.